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In Style Pieces™ | Foot/Leg/Arm/Calf Massager With Heat | Kneading or Vibrating

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Sit down and get your feet, leg, calf and arm, a relaxed thorough massage, to rub away all the tiredness after a long-day working, walking or sitting, with this foot, leg, calf & arm massager, to improve circulation and reduce tiredness or pain.

This foot, leg, calf & arm circulation machine is the ultimate in relaxation. Controlled by a microcomputer, this handy massager improves blood circulation and is the equivalent of a real massage, which is portable too, so it can be used anywhere, anytime, after a bath, before sleeping or while watching TV etc.



    • Automatic and Manual control system
    • Round-shaped protuberances are evenly distributed in the kneading roller
    • The special design can massage your feet the furthest and fullest
    • Controlled by a microcomputer
    • Eenjoy the strong, finger-pressing feeling massage, in the kneading mode
    • Three AUTO functions and two MANUAL functions for user's free control
    • Easily moveable anywhere


     You'll love how it helps to..

    • Loosens up tight muscles before or after a workout
    • Reduce or eliminate headaches, especially migraine, when used with heat
    • Reduces or eliminates pain
    • Reduce stress and anxiety; improves mood

    • Recover from injury faster with improved circulation and increased blood flow to the affected area
    • Prevent swelling & numbness while or after sitting for a prolonged period of time in front of a computer, watching TV, doing crafts etc.


    Benefits of Infrared Heat Therapy:

    Infrared light's frequency is that which is naturally emitted by the sun. This safe and natural heat therapy, can be used to treat several health problems such as arthritis, muscle pain & spasms and joint stiffness. Infrared waves can penetrate up to three inches deep below the surface of the skin, to provide warmth that can create immense relief to muscles and joints. The gentle infrared heat  exerts an analgesic (pain relieving) effect, especially stiffness in the joints from arthritis. Studies show that infrared heat makes connective tissue more flexible, allows greater joint movement and brings increased levels of endorphins, which ease pain.

    Infrared heat therapy also causes blood vessels to expand. This expansion leads to improved circulation and allows the immune system to converge on the injured areas to facilitate the healing process. Despite the heat generated by infrared heat therapy, it does not cause any significant rise in core body temperature or in blood pressure, which makes it safer for anyone with cardiovascular problems.

     The foot massager features 3 levels of speed - high medium and low, and with the easily accessible and easy-to-use control panel or the remote controller, you can customize the massage to just the right pressure and speed. 


    The zip-out hand-washable fabric liner, makes cleaning much easier. Enjoy the 5 star massage treatment everyday at home, with this durable electronic foot, leg, calf & arm handy massager.

    Try it for yourself!

    Limited Quantity Available
    Will Sell Out Fast!  If the item you want is SOLD OUT, please send us an email & we'll let you know when it's back in stock, or  permanently sold out. Be sure to include the specific details of the item you want. 


    Power Consumption: 40w

    Rated Time: 15 Minutes

    Massage Speed: HIgh, Medium, Low

    Product Size:

    22.8 X 12.9  X 9.4 inches


    58 X 33 X 24 Centimeters

    Package include:

    1 Electronic Foot Massager

    1 Remote Control

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    See what our customers are saying......

    Everything i...

    Everything is fine! Delivery was very fast, unexpected! The courier delivered to the apartment! Massager works!

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    Great device...

    Great device, I am very satisfied, good price and fast delivery.

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    Delivery is ...

    Delivery is super fast, the massager is excellent, the analog of the massager "bliss". Instruction for Russian, you can download in the Internet. 4 Modes of auto programs, for different problem parts of the body.

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    С продавцом ...

    С продавцом не общалась,товар хороший, мега быстрая доставка до г. БУДЕННОВСКА Ставропольского края, все супер, можно и нужно покупать особенно если на работе целый день на ногах

    Was this Review Helpful ? Yes No
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    I am using this now..

    I am using this now. Super thank you, and fast delivery.

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    A wonder!!...

    A wonder!!

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    It couldn't be..

    It couldn't be hapier.

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