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In Style Pieces™ | 50 pcs High Conducting Gel Pads For Wireless Electronic Muscle Stimulator

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50 Pcs. Gel Pads For EMS Wireless

Electronic Muscle Stimulator 


Increases conductivity for the EMS electronic muscle stimulator and improves adhesion.

Package contents:

Polyacrylamide Glycerin Gel Pads 50 pcs


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50pcs Gel Pads For EMS Abdominal Trainer Muscle Stimulator Exerciser Slimming Machine Accessories

Hydrogel gel sheets, accessory for EMS AB Trainer:

When should you replace it:

(1) Obviously when you feel the conduction performance has decreased; feel decreased strength.

(2) When it loses its adhesiveness, the adhesive surface(gel) dries out or is gouged or dirt /grime that cannot be removed exists.


When the gel sheet is not sticky enough or sticks to the foreign matter, please use your fingers to wipe the surface with water, put it in a ventilated dry place and use it after airing.

The gel sheet should be replaced after continuously used about 30 times.


Please note the Gel pads for replace only on Host device; the gel pads can not been using separately if no host device.

How to use the gel sheet:
1.Take out the gel pad from the packing bag.
2.Tear off transparent protective film.
3.Correctly attached to the equipment, smooth out it.
4.Confirm the correct position and stick, tear off  the other side protective film.


SAFE AND COMFORTABLE:  Made with skin friendly materials, strong adhesion, environmental protection and durability. Stimulator gel pads will last 20 to 30 sessions if used and maintained correctly.

PERFORMANCE CONDUCTIVITY - The printed grid on the gel pads allows the salutary current to spread evenly, thus you can get the most effective muscle stimulation.

SIZE:  Length: 2.35 inches, Width: 1.55 inches. With well-sealed package protects from dry during transport. 


HOW TO STRIP BLUE FILM? - Choose a corner, pinpoint a little gel with your fingernails, and gently tear the blue film with the fingernails of the other hand. Like this, you can easily tear the blue film and will not damage the gel pad.

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