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Why pay several hundred dollars for monitoring your vital signs at home, when you can have this multi-function vital signs monitoring piece, at a fraction of the cost and is light weight enough to carry with you everywhere? This GeniusWatch has all the features of a basic smart watch, plus advanced vital signs monitoring.
Measures all vital signs including Immunity levels, Passometer, Fitness &.Sleep Tracker, Blood pressure, Blood oxygen, ECG  + PPG, Mood Tracker, Message & Call Reminder, Answer Call.  Remote Control Push Message, Chronograph, Attemper, Heart Rate, Body Thermometer & much more. 
If vitals such as temperature, heart rate and oxygen are off, which are key indicators of Covid19, seek medical attention and/or take corrective measures to bring vital signs back to normal.

Are you first responder, a person with high exposure to the public, the elderly, or anyone that are at high risk for getting a virus infection and skeptical of taking a vaccine?  This Genious Watch is A MUST HAVE, for today's infectious disease ridden world. The nurses & health care professionals are already wearing this. Because once you see visible symptoms for the pandemic virus,  it's too late.Continuous monitoring ensures immunity levels are maintained high. Protect yourself & your family. Early testing/ monitoring saves lives. 

Q.  How can this smart watch prevent Covid19?

A.  When vital signs are monitored 24/7 or at least twice a day, if they not optimal, you can then take corrective action by yourself or with the help of your doctor to bring it back to normal. By keeping your vital signs continuously at optimal levels, your immunity level is maintained high. When your immunity levels are continuously high, it would naturally kill off viruses and bacteria, thus preventing Covid19 or any viral or bacteria infections so you won't need to take any synthetic vaccines. Proper nutrition and moderate excercise increases immunity even further.

With this all vital signs GeniusWatch, you don't have to go to the hospital & wait for a virus test or pay thousands if dollars to purchase intrusive home testing kits every week. Simply download the app & regularly charge it using the USB cable.

According to the emergency medicine doctor, " if there is a way we could identify more patients who have Covid pneumonia sooner and treat them more effectively — it would not require waiting for a coronavirus test at a hospital or doctor’s office every week or end up in the ER drastically fast upon initial symptoms. Identifying Covid, requires detecting the silent dangerous abnormal vital signs early through a home medical device that can be purchased to be used at home 24/7."  This smartwatch monitors your immunity levels and vital signs, so you can suspect Covid much earlier, and if these measurements are off, you can take corrective measures to save your life, even without visible symptoms.

Our GENIOUS VITAL SIGNS MONITORING PLUS WATCH'S pulse oximeter (measures blood oxygen levels), work by painlessly shining a special red light, and pulse wave through the skin of your wrist and detecting how much can be seen from the other side, 24/7, for a more accurate measurement.  Not only that, it measures your Heart Rate, Temperature, ECG and the new feature, Total Immunity Levels. 

Early detection is also important for blood pressure related illnesses and heart problems.  The GENIOUS VITAL SIGNS MONITORING PLUS WATCH measures Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, ECG rate and PPG rate.  

Compatability: For Android 4.4 or above/ iOS 8.5 and above /iphone 6 or above
(Not compatible with iphone 5 5s).


  • Passometer (counts number of steps taken).
  • Fitness Tracker.
  • Sleep Tracker (help control sleep quality).
  • Blood pressure test. (Works with iphone App.)
  • Blood oxygen saturation test ( 90 to 100 is normal).
  • ECG (electrocardiogram) + PPG (measures rate of blood flow).
  • Mood Tracker.
  • Fertility monitor.
  • Message Reminder.
  • Call Reminder.
  • Answer Call.
  • Remote Control (photo/video etc).
  • Push Message.
  • 24 hour instruction.
  • Chronograph (stopwatch).
  • Alarm Clock.
  • World Time.
  • Power Reserve.
  • Display Week.
  • Display Month.
  • Attemper (helps to regulate body functions).
  • Heart Rate Tracker.
  • Fatigue tracker.
  • Mental stress monitor.
  • Interactive Music.
  • Noctilucent (glows in dark).
  • Thermometer (monitor body temperature 24 hrs. a day) Apply to forehead to take forehead temp. as well.
  • Calendar.
  • Lighting.
  • Countdown timer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Languages:  English, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Hebrew, Arabic.


SIM Card Available: No

Rear Camera:  No.

System: None

GPS: Yes

RAM: <128MB.
Waterproof Grade: Professional Waterproof.
Multiple Dials: Yes.
Battery Capacity: 180-220mAh.
Network Mode: 2g.
CPU Model: MTK2502.
Movement Type: Electronic.
Screen Shape: Square.
Resolution: 240 X 240
APP Download Available: Yes
Case Material: Precious Metals.
CPU Manufacturer: Mediatek.
Display Size: 1.3
Band Material: Silica Gel
Battery Detachable: No
Band Detachable: No

Note: Tracking number will be sent. Currently we can't ship this item to India as of December 2020.



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See what our customers are saying......

Recommend everyone to buy

The temperature measurement is accurate. I recommend everyone to buy it for your family; always pay attention to the health status of your family.

Jade Dubois
Was this Review Helpful ? Yes No
3 out of 3 reviews are useful.

Accurate. Bought it in black. It works, accuracy about 98% and as good as indicated.  If you're not well or have problems arising from your health, this is a really good and useful product to have. I bought! Thanks seller. Never know with Corona Virus.  I am living as a vulnerable health group. Would recommend this to anyone with health problems!!!

Oliver Davis
Was this Review Helpful ? Yes No
10 out of 10 reviews are useful.
Fast delivery

The packaging is very good, fast delivery, easy to operate, accurate temperature measurement. I recommend this seller.

Lina Thomas
Was this Review Helpful ? Yes No
6 out of 6 reviews are useful.
Fulfills all expectations

Received the smart watch band today. Functions seem very complete. The app has also a comprehensive overview of the corona virus infections per country. So, it fulfills all expectations.

Olivia Heylen
Was this Review Helpful ? Yes No
15 out of 15 reviews are useful.

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