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Nur76 Original Skin Lightening For Face

The Nur76 Skin Lightening Original works the same way as the Advanced 3 in 1, the difference is that it is less stronger than the Advanced skin lightening formulation. This normally takes a little longer to notice the difference. Ideal for using on face & neck area. The consistency of both Serum and Cream is different than the Advanced 3 in 1 Serum & Cream for face.

The Serum & Cream works by inhibiting the production of melanin which causes darker skin color & age spots. As the skin naturally renews itself every 4-8 weeks, old pigmented cells are sloughed off & cells with less melanin will be brought to the surface giving the skin radiant complexion.

Nur76 Skin Lightening Serum (30ml):

Works below the skin epidermis to control the melanin inhibition which makes the skin color lighter. The Serum makes new skin cell lighter, brighter and radiant. And also stops brown spots, brown pigmentation marks and uneven skin tone from re-appearing to the skin surface.

Nur76 Skin Lightening Cream (30ml):

Contains vitamins and minerals to balance the skin with the right nutrition to keep it glowing and moisturized. This cream has added vitamin C and is formulated with skin lightening enhancement. This cream is very light and gives the overall skin complexion a light glow.

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How to use Skin Lightening Serum & Cream - ORIGINAL:

Used daily, the Skin Lightening-Original naturally lightens & evens out the skin tone. After a few days usage, your complexion will not only be fairer, but will also glow with youthful radiance.

The Serum & Creams lasts up to seven weeks if used appropriately in the targeted areas. 
Use twice a day, ideally once in the morning & once before you go to sleep for maximum effectiveness.

1 - Cleanse face gently and pat dry.

2 - Using a small amount of serum, gently apply Nur76 Skin Lightening SERUM into desired area.

3 - Wait for 20 seconds for the serum to fully absorb into the skin, & then you apply the Nur76 Skin Lightening CREAM.

4 - The serum can be used as a make-up primer for all skin types. Make-up can be applied after. If product gets into eyes, flush with water until it is out.

5 - Store the product in cool dry place. If in warmer environment store in fridge.
Once opened must be used within 4 month. Keep out of reach of children.

 The box contains: 30ml. Serum & 30ml. Cream. 

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