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We started selling online on various channels in 2003. Since then we have been successful in sales and customer service, maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction rating on these channels. We decided to branch off with our own store, and that’s how In Style Pieces evolved. We come from a generation of medical, legal and business professionals.  The CEO of In Style Pieces attended the University of Illinois and holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration.   Using all our combined knowledge and wisdom, we are confident to bring you the top of the line and most current health & beauty products to keep up to date in today's ever-changing beauty and wellness scene, and to help you keep improving yourself and your life. 

We at In Style Pieces do not carry any products that are tested on animals and strive to carry the most purest ingredients in our cosmetics, as well as strive to support causes that promote sustaining the natural environment. We will be donating a dollar from each sale to We also believe the customer comes first, not the business. That’s why we offer high quality deals at incredible discounts, working directly with the manufacturer.

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