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In Style Pieces™ | Invisible Face Lifting ShapeTape. 0.02 mm 40 pcs.

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Effectively enhances, lifts and firms the face, eliminates double chin, create V-shape, or ANY SHAPE face you desire; lifts eyes, forehead, corners of mouth, double chin and It's completely invisible..

0.02 mm ultra thin elastic adhesive tapes tightens skin and eliminates wrinkles around face, jaw, eyes and neck area for a

younger look!

Women around the world are using this tape to achieve a lifted face.

Perfect for parties, weddings, reunions, or any special event.

HOW IT WORKS: The Concealed Face Lifting Beauty tapes are medical grade, ultra thin (0.02 mm) films with one adhesive side, to be applied to two skin locations of your choice to be pulled closer together, achieving a tightening effect. Because it is elastic, when stretched; the natural tendency of the elastic film is to return back to shape, providing that magical lift or tightening effect.

HOW IS IT HIDDEN: The transparent, medical grade, hypoallergenic elastic tape is very much like a second skin. Once applied and all sticker backings are peeled/removed, you will barely notice the tape. In addition to the tapes being transparent, they also have a matte finish which makes it easier to conceal. You can then simply apply makeup over it, if you choose.

 HOW TO USE:  It comes in a box that contains 30 tapes, plus 10 bonus tapes, and all you have to do is to tape it on the side of your jawline, chin or corner of eyes or anywhere on your face, lift your skin and tape it down again. Once you get practice applying it, you can make it appear flawless.

Watch video below to see how it works. 

You can decide how much of a pull you want to determine how tight your face will get. If you are worried that someone will notice the tape on your face, just put makeup over the tape to camouflage it, or just cover it with your hair. 

However, the fact that it is creating a constant pull on our skin makes you think of its long-term effects. Will the Face Lifting Tape loosen the skin and cause the skin to sag if we use it frequently? We'll let you decide.

The instant face lifting tape has found a strong following of women around the world,  looking for a cure-all to ageing, sagging skin. This non-surgical option can instantly give you a mini-face lift, smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines, lifting sags. Lifting a sagging face can actually help to prevent further sag. You can wear it only on special occasions or as long as you feel comfortable with it on.

Give it a try, especially if you already have loose, sagging skin or face.

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"Excellent product that works very well with fast delivery."


"Product is completely perfect. I like it."

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See what our customers are saying......

Matches description

Everything visually matches the description.

Elijah Johnson
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2 out of 2 reviews are useful.
Almost invisible

I really liked the effect, it sticks to the skin well, almost invisible.

Elijah Garcia
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1 out of 1 reviews are useful.
Thin as skin

Good thing. Thin as a skin, you can not continuously wear every day. Need to change. Came quickly about 3 weeks.

Natalia Smirnova
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10 out of 10 reviews are useful.
Very good

Exactly as described, they stick very strong, so don't worry they can tear off, very good.

Liam Garcia
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1 out of 1 reviews are useful.
Excellent product

Excellent product that works very well with fast delivery.

M. C.
Was this Review Helpful ? Yes No
2 out of 2 reviews are useful.
Impressed with these little tapes

Just got these and have seen great success reviews on them. I couldn't wait to use them. Thank you  I’m so impressed with these little tapes! I thought they would feel strange but after they’re on you don’t feel them! Glad I tried them.

Was this Review Helpful ? Yes No
5 out of 5 reviews are useful.

Excellent, works!

Was this Review Helpful ? Yes No
1 out of 1 reviews are useful.

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